Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh No!

We're going to get relegated now.

We ALWAYS get relegated when we do rather well in the League Cup.

And here's the even worse bit - my confession.

I was given a ticket - and I didn't use it.

Yes, for a host of reasons that seemed really good at the time - not least of which: "Why would I want to spend most of my day and plenty of my night, on a coach with a load of drunken men just to see us thumped 8-0?" I missed the biggest night for my club ever. Instead of being at Anfield I was stuck at home listening to the local radio commentators going crazy. By which I meant that the radio commentators were going crazy - but then again - I of course was going crazy too.

I am such an idiot.


Martin said...

Don't think the Football Gods have finished with you yet,JJ.

You'll attend the next round, which will no doubt be a winnable home draw, and get stuffed.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Missing that game - perhaps Northampton's best ever result - suggests that you yourself may need a social worker to help you through the trauma. Would you like a cup of tea love?

J.J said...

The footballing gods are evil bastards Martin. Hey - maybe we will get Villa next?

YP - not tea - hard liquor for me pretty please!

Great word verification too.

Spunky Trunks said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your demolition of the red shite.

Especially as they were still in process of mocking us for losing to the mighty Brentford.

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