Thursday, October 29, 2009

Was I wrong

to be embarrassed when whilst over in a pub in deepest rural Wales my sister asked for her chicken to be well done?


naldo said...


Was it served in the basket?

Jennyta said...

Did she ask in Welsh?

trousers said...

No you weren't. Rare chicken isn't very nice.

Reminds me, tangentially, of a painful conversation I had when asking for chili con carne, and the person serving me said "is that normal, or veggie chili con carne?"

Jay said...

Why would that be wrong? If you like your meat well done, you should ask for it - though I am in the habit of apologising to them if I ask for my filet mignon butterflied and well done. They hate doing that to a nice piece of meat, but I don't like it rare in the middle. :P

J.J said...

On a mega plate Naldo, with mountains of chips and veg....which went some way to explaining just how the family who owend teh place had come to be the size they were. I.e - the biggest people I have ever seen outside of America.

Jenny - if only she had - then the woman might simply have thought she had misunderstood my sister.

Trousers, indeed rare chicken is not nice, which is why I suppose restaurants tend to cook chicken well in the first place. 'Normal or veggie?' Love it!

Jay - certainly agree re beef and lamb. But hearing such a request re chicken was a definite first for me - and by the expression on the landlady's face - the first time she had been asked for such a thing too :-)